At The Gathering By The Bay we are a network of house churches in Santa Cruz, San Jose, and Salinas, California that have been touched by the radical goodness of God. Our primary way of being church is in small, house churches that meet weekly.  In 2006 we became convinced that home-based meetings (house churches) offered great advantages for growing community, following the radical way of Jesus, and blessing our community locally and beyond.  It is our vision and hope that these houses truly become houses that change the world.  We also have a regular monthly meeting where all the house churches come together to celebrate.

At The Gathering By The Bay, our reason for being is a personal encounter with the radical goodness of God.  Most all of us have a remarkable story of God’s supernatural power touching our lives and bringing healing, redemption, and new life.  It is the personal encounter with Jesus that fuels personal revival, and outward love for our community and world. That is why we are passionate about worship, discipleship, revival, justice, mission, blessing our community, healing, miracles, family and community.  God is a Person and God is meant to be experienced.  And when we truly experience Him we are blessed, healed, and fulfilled beyond our wildest dreams.  This is the blessing of the Presence of God who is revealed in Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.  And this is what we celebrate every week in the communities of the Gathering By The Bay.

If you would like to know more about The Gathering By The Bay, please browse around this web site, or feel free to email pastor David Gschwend at