The Gathering is called to do a pioneering work of growing a movement of reproducing house or simple churches in every ethnic, demographic and geographic region in the Greater Bay Areas and beyond.

This requires embracing new wineskins as the vehicle to carry forth the kingdom of God to people everywhere. These wineskins signal significant paradigm shifts of values and principles of how the Church is to operate in this generation

The end result however, remains the same. Making followers of Jesus who

•     Know, love and obey Jesus (relationship)

•     While being transformed into his likeness, and (formation)

•     Do the things that Jesus did (works of God)

As followers of Jesus we will display an intimate and passionate love for God.  This same love will be mirrored in loving our neighbors as ourselves in practical and tangible ways.  These two loves would be cultivated in our growing loving and worshiping spiritual communities where all God’s people use all their gifts to build His kingdom.