thumbnailThe Presence of God through Jesus is simply the greatest thing any human being could experience in all the universe.  All of us have been given enormous, God-sized souls that hunger for something more… something awesome…something as big as heaven.  In fact, we have been given God sized souls, with God sized desires, because we were created for — God.  And God is completely, totally, perfectly good.  He satisfies the deepest longing of the human heart.  And He is revealed in Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

At The Gathering By The Bay we are a movement of simple churches (house-churches) that have been touched by the radical goodness of the Presence of God.  Most all of us have a remarkable story of God’s supernatural power and goodness (Presence) touching our lives (see our testimonies page).  That is why we are passionate about worship, passionate about blessing our community, passionate about revival, passionate about healing and miracles, and passionate about being a family and community.  God is a Person and God is meant to be experienced.  And when we do truly experience Him we are blessed, healed, and fulfilled beyond our wildest dreams.  This is the blessing of the Presence of God.  And this is what we celebrate and experience every week in the communities of the Gathering By The Bay.